Falinge Park High School Summary


Project Status – In Construction

Work at Falinge Park High School commenced on 6th August 2012. The project comprises construction of a new school and refurbishment of the existing sports hall, gym and hall. The former City Learning Centre building will be retained as part of the school, and will be used predominantly for the teaching of ICT. Once the new build and refurbishment works are complete, the old buildings will be demolished to make way for new landscaping and resurfacing of the existing car park. 

The location of the new building was carefully chosen in order to minimise disruption to the education of students. A detailed phasing and decant strategy has also been developed in conjunction with the Schools’ Senior Management team.

The new school buildings will be ready for occupation from the start of the new term in January 2014. Demolition works of the existing building will commence in January 2014 and be completed by June 2014.

The Project

The current Falinge Park High School was built in 1935 as a 350 place girls school. A number of buildings have been added over the years which has led to complicated circulation routes across the site with narrow corridors. The proposed development will see the construction of a new three-storey building on the site which will be linked to the retained sports hall and dining accommodation. Additional accommodation for ICT will be provided through the former CLC building.

Learning Opportunities

Our architects worked closely with the Senior Management team to further enhance the learning opportunities currently offered. The new school will be more than just a space in which to learn, and will inspire pupils placing them at the heart of the learning experience.

From the new student entrance, pupils will enter a new central two-storey space which will be a focal point for dining and performances, delivering e-learning technology with additional learning opportunities available in the LRC suite just off the main central space. A balcony will run around the central space at first floor level, giving the opportunity for additional viewing of performance and activities taking place below. There will also be good open views across the Lenny Barn playing fields.

Teaching and learning accommodation will offer a combination of traditional cellular spaces and more open, flexible use spaces. An open plan hub space central to the humanities department will double as a multi-function class base during the day, and can be used as a break out area for day or night performances. Ground floor access to the LRC can also be sourced direct from this hub area if required.

Circulation routes have been designed so that orientation is clear and unambiguous from any point within the school. Pinch points and blind corners have been designed out, and level changes have been addressed to further assist movement around the new school accommodation.

Existing sports and changing facilities will be retained and remodelled, together with the dance studio which will also benefit from new dry change facilities. The existing two-storey hall space will be completely remodelled into specialist technology and art accommodation; a new mezzanine floor will also be installed.

Visualisations of internal spaces of the new school

The Community

The School want to enhance the facilities currently offered to the community. The Sports Hall and Gym will be fully refurbished enhancing community usage and there will be opportunities to develop adult educational classes in the new school facilities.


inspiredspaces has worked to reduce the total carbon emissions from Falinge Park High School. The design philosophy has been to reduce the use of energy and water consumption firstly through passive design measures; then by introducing energy saving control systems and finally by the introduction of renewable energy sources.

The following key sustainable design features have been integrated into the building design:

    • Good passive design features (building form, location/orientation, solar shading etc).

    • Multifuel CHP system designed to deliver a significant element of the heat and electrical requirements of the school.

    • Effective thermal envelope to building with low air leakage

    • Energy efficient / Low e glazing.

    • Maximization of natural day-lighting.

    • Natural ventilation (where appropriate).

    • Mechanical ventilation (where necessary): demand based complete with heat recovery and temperature/carbon dioxide control.

    • Lighting control / daylight sensing system.

    • High frequency / low energy luminaires.

    • High efficiency plant

    • Water efficient sanitary fixtures and fittings to minimize water wastage.

    • Effective, robust control strategies

Falinge Park High School will provide enhanced health and energy benefits, reduce carbon emissions and comply with the planning requirement to generate 10% of energy consumed from on-site renewables and is aiming for a BREEAM rating of very good